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I love yoga for many reasons. I was introduced to yoga many years ago when my children were little and I was working part time as a law clerk. My part time job became a very stressful full time job as my children began to grow. 

Yoga for me became my quiet time. It was a chance for me to reconnect to my center, the quiet place that we all have within us. Yoga was a chance for me to reconnect with my body, mind and spirit.

Because of this, I teach from this place, I teach what yoga has become for me. In my class we will stretch and hold, strengthen and lengthen, but it is my wish that you also find the quiet place within, and connect to your center. 


My journey to find peace and stillness in my life put me on a path of healthy living. I began to incorporate Raw and Vegan Food into my diet as well as Juice Feasting. I try to live as Green as possible, creating a home environment that is happy and healthy, I love self-care rituals and incorporate my doTERRA oils into my daily life. 

If you are interested in learning about how to add the benefits of Essential Oils into your Yoga Practice or your life, please click on the link above to be directed to my personal doTERRA website. 

The Blogging Section will take you on my journey of health, yoga and oils.

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I hope you will join me on the mat and explore the wonders of yoga for yoursel

What others are saying about Kathy Brown Yoga


"Kathy is a caring and kind teacher. Always prepared and enthusiastic, it is evident that she loves what she is doing."  Dianne B.

"Kathy brown Yoga is wonderful. Kathy has a great way with people and she is very passionate about yoga and natural health. Kathy is able to help you no matter what your level of experience. Her yoga sessions are a wonderful addition to any lifestyle."  Cheryl S.

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